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Successful season for our brand ambassador Max Nagl # 12 at the MXoN/USA and at the ADAC MX Masters

9. December 2022

As an acclimatisation period, Max already flew to Chicago one week before the legendary Motocross of Nations. And then, he drove in a rent car to RedBud.

A racing truck with a big awning was rented in advance by the German Motor Sports Association/DMSB (Team managers: Marcel Dornhöfer and Karsten Schneider) and the Swiss team, and was used as a team headquarter. A standard bike, the Husqvarna FC 450 was gratefully made available by Husqvarna/USA. The parts like KKN chassis or Bridgestone tyres brought on board of the plane were assembled in race configuration. The engine remained absolutely in the standard version.

Team Germany successfully qualified for the race of nations at the weekend.

The torrential rain in the night from Saturday to Sunday turned the track into a deep and difficult terrain. This made the task for the riders and the machines not easier, particularly because Max and Tom Koch had to start at the gates with rented series material.
Simon Längenfelder from the racing team GasGas could use a factory bike.

There also were rain showers during the Sunday race, again and again. But nevertheless, our riders demonstrated their full commitment and in the evening, they could reach a deserved 8th place in the national ranking.
Congratulations for this outstanding performance!

Just in the night, the mechanics had to put back the bikes in their original state. Then, on Monday morning the team members packed their bags and parts and flew back to Europe, because the final races of the ADAC MX Masters series were already scheduled at the following weekend.

Final Countdown in Fürstlich Drehna

Max had a 58-point lead ahead of Jordi Tixier/France, the former MX2 World Champion and repeated Champion before the weekend race. This meant for his strategy to try to get the title, already in the first race, if possible.
To put it in a nutshell: he got it!!! Congratulations, Max.

Thus, the whole team could already celebrate the championship within a small surprise party on Saturday evening.

Those people, who know Max, know that he is an outright racer! On Sunday, he wanted to achieve at least a race victory and he succeeded in it. He managed an impressive point lead ahead of Jordi Tixier/KTM Sarholz Racing team in the well-known European Motocross-Serie ADAC MX Masters. And it was not the only podium position to be celebrated at the championship party on Sunday evening. There were appropriate awards for man, team and machine.

• Winner, riders standings ADAC MX Masters:                Maximilian Nagl
• Victory, Red Bull Holeshot Award:                                  Maximilian Nagl
• Victory, ADAC constructors standings, Husqvarna:     Krettek-Haas-Racing Team
• 3. ADAC team classification:                                            Krettek-Haas-Racing Team

But nevertheless, one thing is obvious: Max is the expert and without Max, no trophies!

At this point, a very great thank you to Max and the excellent top mechanics of the Haas team.
Congratulations Max, for your performance with a series engine, non tuned!

Special thanks to ADAC, under the leadership of Mrs. Katrin Wustmann.
Every weekend is a huge challenge, not only for the protagonists, but also for the people, who are in charge of the organization, regardless in what position they are operating: as race official or sport marshal, commentators, track assistants and marshals, all staff in the paddock.
Many thanks also for the great support of the regional and local authorities: police, fire crews, rescue service, race doctors, etc. But let us not forget the local clubs and associations as co-organizers!
All together have made a great job!

At the race weekends, we also enjoyed a lot the intensive dialogue with our component suppliers, customers, friends and sponsors.

We eagerly await the season 2023 in motor sport!

Until then, we wish motocross fans and riders all the best, good luck and success!


Krettek Separation and the whole team!

(All pictures are copyrighted; the copyright is held by Mrs. Eva Zabadfi @evaszabadfi_photo. The copyright of the title picture is held by ADAC.)