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Backflushing rotor

RueckspuelrotorThe extremely slim design of the backflushing rotor enables – based on the rotor diameter – a considerable enlargement of the filter area. This is possible due to a skillfull design of the rotor bottom and the mounting parts of the machine. The mass centre of gravity of the rotating system is located near the main bearing.

The rotor is fixed on the centrifuge shaft by means of a shaft-hub connection. The rotor has a backflushing system and is made of high-strength Duplex steel. The design allows 100 % extraction washing and the regeneration of a possible existing residual layer.

A determination of loads by using the finite element method has allowed to increase the g-force factors substantially without affecting in no case the safety of the rotor. Among other things this has been achieved by eliminating the dovetail groove which is usually required to fasten the filter cloth. Due to safety reasons the rotor takes a variety of tests to exclude possible material and/or manufacturing defects.