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Decisive features

  • enormous process flexibility by standard use of the backflushing rotor
  • filtration, sedimentation, dissolving, mixing, backflushing, extraction washing, solids-liquid-liquid separation – everything is possible
  • working without hydraulics by the use of long-time proven frequency-controlled linear actuators
  • design of highest g-force factors – innovative rotors with great L/D- ratio
  • minimization of no-function materials
  • highest machine weight + lowest vibration absorbing weight = optimized reduced operation weight
  • combination of feed pipe, washing pipe and discharger in one unit, the patented combined function unit
  • “plug-and-play” delivery unit
  • centrifuge design of highest energy efficiency
  • optimal skimming device for peeling of a rising liquid or also for an increased performance during the filling process
  • extremely smooth operation by optimized process variations as well as solid machine designs.
  • best space and time yield
  • regeneration of the heel cake by activation of the back flushing device
  • very high g-force factor
  • very high AZ-value (filter area x g-force factor)
  • feed monitoring device according to customer’s request
  • combined function unit for reducing the contamination area
  • filtrate peeler device for the controlled filtrate discharge
  • solids discharge through steeply inclined chute
  • optional solids discharge for sticky products by means of a screw adapted into the chute
  • fully automatic operation
  • sandwich filtration element for the purpose of a minimized discharge of the residual layer
  • compact design; centrifuge and suspension table form one unit
  • taking-up of the unbalanced forces due to a compact vibration-absorbing
  • very high throughput
  • very low residual moisture
  • reduced heel cake compression
  • all parts in contact with the product are made of solid stainless steel
  • air tight-up to 0,04 bar according to DIN 24400
  • door, housing and basket design ensure favourable flow characteristics
  • easy visual monitoring of the process room by a viewing glass
  • low noise level
  • explosion-proof protection, if required
  • low specific consumption of energy
  • low maintenance

Due to the very high g-force factors of the Krettek ProCent® series either essentially lower residual moistures or with unchanged residual moistures considerable increases of performances are possible compared to the well-known competitive products. Refer to the predefined processing quantity in the last case, consequently less centrifuges are necessary to achieve the same residual moistures. This, of course, also results in a sustainable reduction of the procurement costs for the centrifuges as well as for the centrifuge periphery like agitators, pumps, pipes and so on.


General influence of the g-force factor and the spinning time to the residual moisture of cake

General influence of the g-force factor and the spinning time to the residual moisture of cake