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Core competence

This is located in the wet classification technology. The process engineering defines the term classifying with the separation of a particle collective into two groups. If this process is carried out several times, it is referred to as classification.

The market entry in 1994 with the development of a centrifuge for the classification of pigments led to a continuous expansion of the business fields into highly interesting, future-oriented applications. The trend-setting application potential is in the production of ultra-fine materials, which are required in highest purity.

This can be ensured by the Krettek classification technology, since besides the sharp separation cut a contamination, e.g. by high wear or grinding beads, can be excluded. Depending on the operating mode of the classifying system, either only the finest fractions or coarse fractions can be separated from the grain spectra or, if required by the application, medium particle fractions can also be selected.

In other words, the centrifuge offers the possibility of providing tailor-made, application-specific solids systems for each specific application. Nanoscale particles differ from larger particles, because the surface forces dominate the inertia and weight forces, which increase with the particle mass, and consequently have a decisive influence on the specific properties of the suspension. Overall, the behaviour in the centrifugal force field is determined by several influencing factors which must be brought into balance during classification.