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Combined function unit

The main starting point for a redesign was the so far the previous juxtaposition of the peeling device, filigree feed pipe construction and wash pipe. The best solution results in a combination of all the devices to an integral combined function unit. With this solution the contamination surface has been drastically reduced together with the redesign of the feed pipes and unnecessary edges and undercuts could be reduced to a minimum.

Blick auf Rotor und Prozessgehäuseinnenseite der Horizontalschälzentrifuge PharmaCent P 63 Ph

View onto the rotor and inside of process housing of the horizontal peeler centrifuge PharmaCent® P 63 Ph

The torsion-resistant welded design is integrated in the front side of the hinged housing and can be moved by a mechatronic linear actuator. With this linear actuator any pollutions of the cleaning room, e.g. leakages of flowing-out oil of otherwise usual hydraulic pivoting drive, can be excluded. Overdimensioned roller bearings guarantee a high degree of availability.

With the new designed combined function unit the filling of the centrifuge is made at the highest possible position inside the sieve basket, so that the slurry can be evenly spread during the subsequent rotation from the zenith to the bottom of the rotor and as a result a low-unbalanced cake formation can be made. Tests moreover have verified that the feeding is carry out nearly splash-free and therefore contributes to the requested CIP-/SIP safety from this point of view, too. Furthermore the feed pipe, enlarged designed by Krettek to the outlet, can be easily cleaned.