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Conical process housing

Equipped as a hinged housing it has to fulfill several completely different functions. It has to

  • be quipped with the necessary mounting parts for basket filling and discharging as well as for washing the cake
  • provide devices for Cleaning-in-Place.


Of course, the hinged housing has to fulfill also all mentioned requirements to the centrifuge design. This splits between the huge number of filigree mounting parts and of a clear door design, avoiding gaps and undercuts, requires the complete turning away from the previous standard design. The result is a complete new design of the hinged housing, which fulfills all aspects of a sterile conception.

Also the redesign of the hinged housing lock was deemed necessary. The known clamping closure was left, because it contains a lot of constructive necessary single parts with corresponding gaps and undercuts, which can also provide ideal points of risk for germ formation. This locking system was replaced by a bolt mesh with a locking device. The hinged housing snaps in after a previous metallic stop against the separation wall of the machine frame by easily inspectable bolts. Possible pollutions, caused by drained off fluid remains, can be detected without any problem with this locking device and can be removed without problems.