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Application fields

It is suitable for all kinds of solids in organic or water-based slurries, which tend to sedimentation. The application fields as well as the attainable “TOP-CUTS” and separating conditions coarse/fine depend on the product and the particle distribution. Applicable in large particle size range and throughput due to the variation of centrifuge parameterization.

Soft as well as hard particles, low as well as very high viscosities, nano-, micro- as well as macro particle systems had been and will be successfully produced by the use of our innovative classifying technology. The variety of products, which will be sucessfully produced in laboratory as well as in production standard, do not allow a detailed enumeration.

Prefered applications range of the Krettek classifying systems
solids content> 0 - 80weight-%
particle size> 0 - ≤ 3.000 µm
viscosity≤ 10000 m Pas
attainable „TOP-CUTS“≥ 50 - 100 nm