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Designed structure

The PharmaCent centrifuge production line was written into the technical specifications that a maximum possible cleaning of the complete centrifuge system has to be ensured as an indispensable condition. This inevitably results in a separation of the actual process housing and the machine frame. The answer is a so-called through-the-wall-design. Thus, the possibility is given to install the complete processing inside the clean room. The machine technology with the possible contamination sources, cartridge bearing, drive motor, lubrication device, vibration absorbing as well as further auxiliary units for lubricants and auxiliary materials are excluded from it. Despite of all these measures the Krettek pharmaceutical design enables a maximum of availability as well as efficiency. The free selectable speed spectrum enables the operator a product specific use of highest possible g-force factors.


Horizontal peeler centrifuge PharmaCent P 63 Ph, represented in section (shown in distored way for know-how protection)