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Process parameters

Due to the extremely high g-force factor in accordance with the excellent process flexibility Krettek horizontal peeler centrifuges will be successfully used in a wide processing field of application. Beside the basic industry many fields of application can be found in the agro chemistry, the fine chemistry, the plastic and food industry. But also for applications, which demand a maximum of efficiency of the centrifuge, like e.g. the filtration of ultra-fine pigments or also the protein separation and dewatering of wheat starch, the centrifuge concept proves its complete superiority.

Preferential applications range of the Krettek filtration systems

throughput (typical) m³/h Heavily dependent on the production characteristics
Inlet condtions:
Solid content wt-% 1 – 60
Grain size µm 1 – 10.000
Viscosity mPas 1 – 10.000