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Decisive features

  • high g-force factor
  • high AZ-value (filter area x g-force factor)
  • automatic discharge by electro-mechanically operated combined function unit
  • solids discharge by chute inclined at a steep angle
  • adaptable cantilevered chute screw (optional)
  • compact design, back wall, frame and suspension table are forming one unit
  • conical hinged housing for easy inspection of basket and components
  • taking-up of the unbalanced forces by compact vibration absorbing
  • stainless steel design of all parts in contact with the product
  • cartridge bearing as plug-in element
  • very smooth operation
  • low noise level by integration of the main drive into the centrifuge housing
  • drive by powerful standard electric motor
  • speed control by frequency converter
  • fully automatic operation
  • quick assembly
  • low installation cost
  • fully automatic CIP-cleaning
  • separation of process and maintenance room
  • low contamination surfaces in the process room
  • no contamination sources like hydraulic systems
  • main bearing with mechanical seal (optional)
  • pneumatic removal of residual layers
  • electro-mechanical locking device of the hinged housing (optional)
  • filter unit system “Confect”
  • smallest variety of parts
  • extremely minimized demand for screw connections