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The system is used for an exact separation of particle collectives in coarse and fine material. The desired classifying effect depends on the characteristic features of the product. The special design of the classifying rotor ensures a smooth and low-turbulence separation of particles which is required for an effective classifying system.

Processing example

Flow path and mass distribution of the centrifugal separated and grinded coarse particles

Flow path and mass distribution of the centrifugal separated and grinded coarse particles

In the first process step – the Premixing – the slurry is mixed high viscously. For this the liquid is fed into the premix tank and the solid matter is dispersed in by means of a toothed disc stirrer. Furthermore the recycled coarse material is added to this premix. In the second process step – the Diluting – the slurry is adjusted with the desired classifying consistence. Following Classifying takes place in the classifying centrifuge – the core of the system.

It separates the coarse particles and agglomerates out of the slurry and discharges herewith continuously the fine material. During this process the coarse particles and the agglomerates concentrate themselves in the classifying rotor and are fully automatically redispersed in adjustable periods of time. For producing slurry able to be milled it will be washed with small quantities of liquid during the Redispersing.

The thus produced slurry of coarse material is drained spatially separated from the fine material. A disadvantageous backmixing does not occur. While for classified slurry is fed to the further process the milling of the coarse material takes place during the procedure step Milling. This is advantageously carried out in pearl mills in a single stage. The thus produced slurry will then be added again to the procedure step Premixing.