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Delivery programme

For the solution of innovative classifying tasks we offer a well-organized product family from the laboratory system, the LABCUT LC 1000 up to the biggest plant, the NANO-CUT® NCS 3000. The capacity of classifying is varying inside the production line from a few litres per hour up to the range of cubic meter.

The classifying system, largely made of stainless steel is featured by an absolutely symmetrical structure. Drive and classifying rotor are axial to each other, which results in a smooth operation of the classifying system with very low vibration. Due to this reason the classifying rotor is equipped as multi-chamber-system. This conception ensures a nearly laminar flow during by passing the rotor. So an optimal classifying will be guaranteed. This consequent dimensioning of the classifying rotor effected an exact cross-cuts in nano range and splash particle will be reduced to a minimum.

All centrifuges offered by Krettek are operating fully automatically. The process itself consists of classifying and dispersing. For the technical development of the machines major attention was put on a functional design. The optimal combination of function, design and ergonomics offers users the highest space and time yield. The consequent division of dynamical or statical loaded components results in a remarkable minimization of the no-function-material and consequently to immense user advantages. So the integration of the innovative classifying system into a complex plant is essentially simplified. The classifying system is almost prefabricated. The installation on a static predetermined foundation is just as easy. The same applies to the reduced to a minimum power and control cables. Normally the classifying systems will be controlled by a process control system. For multi-purpose-applications, of course, a recipe handling can be integrated into the SPS incl. a CIP cleaning step. Advantageously, a surface finish of the area in contact with the product is then carried out in the quality required by the customer up to electropolishing. These possibilities are of course available with all classifying systems of this product family.