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Why classifying

Particle size distribution before (above) and after (below) centrifugal finest classifying

Particle size distribution before (above) and after (below) centrifugal finest classifying

The development of micro- and nanoparticles represents an extreme challenge for science.

So a various process portfolio for the manufacture of ultrafine materials is available. On their choice particularly the resulting effects on the particles have to be taken into consideration. So a careful, particle-friendly production process is not indispensable, but it is a great advantage. For the production of such particle systems several methods are possible.

A very careful technology, improved over many years, is classifying in the centrifugal field of force. With this the requirements of the nano technology have been taken into account particularly.

These are among other things:

  • the minimization of the energy input,
  • minimization of the particle damage as well as the
  • exclusion of contamination,

which is unavoidable for example for the use of milling systems (external input) The requirements to the cleanness during the production of ultrafine materials are comparable with the one of the pharma agent production.

So all features, e.g. simple design, visual inspectability of the process room to avoid e.g. cross contaminations in the designed development of the innovative classifying systems have been taken into account. Advantages of the MICRO-CUT® and NANO-CUT® classifying systems are high process flexibility as well as the reproducibility of classifying results.