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Cross-check-technical-center (CCTC) for accelerated process solutions in centrifugal separation technology

22. February 2024

The industry’s striving for higher yields, product purity and energy efficiency requires new solutions due to its complexity. Fast response and cost reduction have top priority. For us, rapid prototyping for the production of initial components or unique designs is the solution approach for the new cross-check technical center (CCT). It opens up the possibility of testing and validating process-related challenges in the shortest possible time.

The equipment in the laboratory/technical center allows us to determine the relevant characteristics of the customer’s products in the centrifugal field with regard to sedimentation, filtration and dewatering in the shortest possible time.

Based on the results of a few tests on a test centrifuge as well as the particle size distribution and the data listed in the separating questionnaire, it is possible to assess the feasibility of the separation process in the centrifugal field. Furthermore, an initial rough estimate can be made regarding the centrifuge size (or number) for your application.

The kinetic parameters characterizing the filtration behaviour (cake resistance), which help to determine the classification of the product in the equilibrium diagram – the bond diagram – are helpful for feasibility and rough estimation.

On the other hand, the dewatering kinetics recorded in filter cup tests show the potential of mechanical dewatering of the product. Washing tests can also be carried out on the filter centrifuge in order to investigate the desired product purity.

This possibility at Krettek Separation GmbH allows just-in-time implementation.

For many centrifuge operators, this is often not possible due to a lack of equipment, but also due to the greater ” inertia” of the company structure. The transition from rapid process finding via the pilot plant scale to the 1:1 solution is exemplary here. For this purpose, we offer centrifuge systems from our pilot plant and rental machine portfolio. Starting with a bowl diameter ≤ 200 mm up to a production scale of rotor size 1,500 mm. All these machines are not only available from us, but are also regularly rented by our customers worldwide for applications in the field of classification and filtration technology. Click here to get an overview of our rental centrifuges.

In addition to the equipment of the technical center, as well as the exceptionally wide range of rental machines, highly qualified personnel are also available for test execution, process development and on-site personnel support (or as an online service via our customer chatroom). Krettek Separation GmbH thus offers a broad foundation and a time-efficient focus for rapid process finding.

We look forward to your exciting process engineering challenges, whether in the field of filtration or classification technology. Our sales department looks forward to receiving your specific inquiry about your process.