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24/7 – Service philosophy for peeler centrifuges

30. August 2018

Five cartridge bearings after successful test run and conservation.

Krettek offers a 24h-service, which secures the availability of the customer´s plant.
The basis for this is built by the implemented design principle – which is used for many years – to perform the bearings as inserted element (cartridge bearing).
By this, not only an extremely stable but also a mass distributed bearing technology is created.
This enables the user to realize a maximum of cleanliness and hygiene during service works in the production area.
Hence, the disassembly of the bearing at the regular check according to BGR 500, edition 03/17 (operating work materials) does no longer need to be done in the production room.
A possible contamination risk through product-foreign objects and materials, such as metal abrasion, grease, oil, etc. is minimized.
The overhauling is effected in the shop of the customer or directly at Krettek.
Advantages for the customers are the significant increasing of the operational safety.
Since now only checked cartridge bearings are installed, the possibility is given to operate again the centrifuge for restart at full load.
With this customer benefit, we clearly set ourselves apart from many competitors.
The complete production process is accompanied by a quality system which is tailored to the centrifuge design according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 namely from development, design, production until test run.
The specifically developed test run from Krettek hereby allows to submit to the cartridge bearing a defined, computer-assisted approval procedure.
Finally, a 24h-test is effected under load.
The test facility enables to simulate the forces affecting to the centrifuge shaft and therefore to the complete shaft system, which are compatible to design, size but also to possible customer requests.
Important parameters such as rotating speed, vibration, temperatures, etc, are captured online and thus documented permanently.
This means for our customers a maximum of safety and reliability at the restart.
An interruption of production for overhauling according to BGR 500 can be reduced to two days if centrifuge disassemblies are timely coordinated.
A complex, time-consuming run-in of the bearings and seals related to the risk – as known from competitive products – does not take place.

Krettek-designs = customer benefit at 100%