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The strongest starch peeler centrifuge of the world

6. February 2012

The renewable raw material starch is getting more and more into the focus of the worldwide industrial output. On the one hand starch is important for the industrial production to ensure the necessary materials for the industrial mass production as this material can be gained at a growing percentage through separation products at the production of starch. On the other hand a native product for the production of food with a very broad range of application is at your disposal. This is not only valid for mass food but also for the adjusted needs of certain niches as for example wheat starch free of gliadin for the benefit of those people who suffer from celiac disease and who have to pay attention to the food they consume. For this exceptional range of application Krettek Filtrationstechnik, being an eager beaver with an extraordinary variety of processing, offers the horizontal peeler centrifuge ProCent P 150 B XXL which works with an innovative backwashing rotor. This separation unit which also works as a unit for de-watering and which is characterized by an easy handling on the part of the user is known for having an extraordinary high g-force factor and thus for an extremely high AZ-value.

A result of this are extremely low protein contents in the starch that is centrifuge dry as well as very low residual moistures. This leads to a very considerable reduction of the costs for the thermal drying and at the same time to a significant increase of the process safety in the whole sector of the mechanical de-watering and of the thermal drying.

A result of the development that has been lasting for decades and also from the model upgrading is a centrifugal system with the highest space-time yield, the P 150 B XXL.