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Starch is our strength

30. June 2020

The importance of starch has increased massively in the last few years. Starch as a reserve carbohydrate is a renewable raw material that can substitute fossil raw materials.

Nowadays, it is usually obtained from corn, wheat, rice, potatoes, tapioca, peas or sago. More and more not only native starch is produced, but also modified by physical and/or chemical measures.

The mechanical dewatering of the starch milk is an elementary important process step, which we have mastered perfectly. The g-force factors of the ProCent® series are generally up to 50% higher than those of the competition, with comparable machine sizes. In some cases even up to 100 %.

Exemplary, three horizontal peeler centrifuges of the type P 150 B XXL, with an impressive g-force factor of 1300 x g are currently being delivered to a German starch producer.

Especially when the amylopectin content is very high or starch derivatives are present, very high g-force factors are the basic prerequisite for economic production.

With a high g-force factor the residual moisture is lower and/or the output per day is higher. Thermal drying is less complex and therefore more cost-effective.

You see: Starch is our strength! With us you are in good hands.