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Remote Centrifuge Start-Up, Covid-19 and it’s implications

24. July 2020

P150 B XXLThe world is facing a challenging time with the pandemic spread of Covid-19. Also our relation to customers is obviously hit by the implications of corona-virus and it’s world-wide spread:

Communication takes place nowadays mostly not physical but via phone, video or conference-system. Transportation-routes for parts are different, and with additional effort and steps.
The whole Krettek Separation administrative teams takes care, to get all information and parts in shortest possible time to clients with respective needs (from the nearest worldwide hub).

ONE THING IS SURE: OUR CLIENTS ARE SUPPORTED WITH THE WELL KNOWN HIGH QUALITY SUPPORT AND SERVICE. Where safe and legal, we’re on site, where not we support with our Krettek online training and support-centre.

Just recently we had together with a client a successful start-up of 4 Nano-Cut® NCS 3000 EVO classifying centrifuges in a world-scale production in China without physical presence of our usual technical team. Within a record-setting short 8 days all four machines have been checked, commissioned and started up with product, without any safety-issues for data, information and most important people active in the project. Client has confirmed his happiness with the start-up by signing the commissioning-protocol. So with reduced resources and energy-saving avoid of unnecessary travel all sides have jointly managed to get the plant running in this critical times.

Right now a ProCent® high efficiency centrifuge is being commissioned at another far abroad plant. This machine, a P 150 B XXL is in a food-application in RUSSIA and also here travel-bans make it necessary to do the commissioning as well as complete communication on safe methods and channels electronical without physical presence.

Thanks for the outstanding support to the team of our Krettek online training and support-centre as well as to the excellent cooperation of customers teams on site.