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Postcard from the centrifuge factory hall

13. July 2015

You do not want to miss the interesting product diversity on the final assembly. That`s why we send you our greetings from the factory hall.

Several of KRETTEK’s innovative centrifuge systems are currently on the final assembly at our factory hall, such as horizontal peeler centrifuges from the ProCent series like P 125 B XXL Turbo, P 150 B XXL and P 190 B XXL.

These centrifuges will be delivered to European and Asian clients and will be used for separation and dewatering of starch and filler suspensions. Besides the known features of KRETTEK-constructions, we want to mention especially the extraordinary high g-force factor, which is between 1,000 and 2,000 g-force.

China, Taiwan and Saudi Arabia are the installation locations for centrifuges from the section of trend setting classifying systems. KRETTEK-classifying systems are approved in the area of pigment and hard material industry. The usual results of the top-cuts reach 1 µm or below.

As you can see, this short information shows, how special and manifold the task of centrifugal separation can be.