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Peeler centrifuges by modular design to the target date

4. August 2022

Two different ProCent® horizontal peeler centrifuges for well-known customers in the pharmaceutical and food industries were accepted on time in very short time despite the crisis (Corona and war with their effects on delivery times,…).

The decisive factors for the customers were the outstanding process characteristics, including the highest centrifugation efficiency, maximum filter area with minimum rotor-diameter in combination with the unique concept of the backflushing wash rotor and, of course, the more than ‘in time’ completion of the project.

How does it work?

As a medium-sized company with a strict focus on customer requirements, we design our machines in a modular way. The solutions are individually designed and adapted in close cooperation with our customers finally assembled into a skid unit. The results are unique, perfectly adapted machines with maximum filter area and centrifugal efficiency and a resulting very high AZ value.

The individual design of the machines is crucial for the sustainability of the entire system in modern applications of renewable raw materials, superfood, functional food and food supplements as well as food derivatives.

Sectional drawing of the Krettek horizontal peeler centrifuge ProCent® P 125 B XXLExtremely slender rotor design with maximum de­humidification performance and comparatively low drive rating, together with kinetic energy recovery, leads to a significantly improved energy balance for the entire system.
Reduced total installed weight and skid-unit without the need for a separate suspension table not only lead to significantly minimised installation effort, but also reduce the cost/material expenditure for the building and installation.

The backflushing rotor enables extremely extended operating times (reduced downtimes), maximum filter cloth service life and minimum washing liquid consumption through regular heel cake regeneration. Thanks to flexibly adaptable operating m

Using the example of the two customers, the various requirements are listed here:

P 125 B XXL TurboA ProCent® P 125 B XXL Turbo with 1,250 mm backflushing rotor diameter, up to 2,000 x g at 90 kW drive rating and 3.5 m² filter surface (AZ value of 7,000 m²) was specially adapted from the modular concept according to the customer’s specifications for production close to the pharmaceutical industry.

odes, entire process stages can be omitted if applicable. The unique operating parameters and constant dehumidification results over a long period of time considerably reduce / minimise the thermal dehumidification costs of the entire system.

P 125 B XXL TurboFor this purpose, it was equipped with individual FDA-certified sealing material and concept as well as corresponding surface qualities (< Ra 0.8), CIP systems and other design features. The operating weight of the final system is only approx. 20 t. The individually adjustable production parameters, which can be accessed from the PLC and adjusted during operation, make it easy to adapt the machine precisely to the respective batch conditions.
The machine was not only completed on time, but delivered and successfully accepted even one month before the contractual date.

A ProCent® P 150 B XXL with 1,500 mm backflushing rotor diameter, up to 1,300 x g at 132 kW drive power and 5.02 m² filter area (AZ value of 6,526 m²). Ordered at the end of December 2021, was already accepted at the end of April 2022.  Here, too, the individual composition and adaptation of modular groups to the overall system is decisive for the outstanding performance. Especially in demanding dehumidification tasks as special starch, the slim backflushing rotor with its high strength plays a decisive role in the energy efficiency of the overall system.


The unique design of the backflushing rotor maximises both filter cloth service life and heel cake  regeneration intervals, thus minimising maintenance intervals and downtime. Due to the low operating weight of only 26 t and the skid design without the need for an additional suspension table, the installation in an existing plant happened within shortest time.



However, both projects would not have been realised ‘on time’ in times of crisis, if it had not been for the stockpiling of the module groups.


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