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Krettek Separation horizontal peeler centrifuge: More Process-Equipment than dewatering device. Six step Course of Excellence, STEP 5 Solvent-displacement

4. June 2021

In Step 4 we described effective Resuspending and dissolving

The Krettek Separation ProCent® Turbo-series is not only best in class peeler-centrifuge for solids-liquids-separation: The unique Krettek Backflushing Rotor as the key-element in a complete system offers much more than just centrifugal filtration of finest particles with maximum results at minimum effort.

The special design and various options allow complete process-steps inside the equipment, without additional external vessels, components, … such as:

Today’s topic: Solvent-displacement:

Solvent displacement

Solvent displacement inside a peeler centrifuge is a feature, only possible in Krettek Backflushing Rotor Centrifuges in this form and quality.

Wherever a solid product suspended in slurry needs maximum efficient mother liquids-removal and mother-liquid is e.g. a solvent or an oily phase the Krettek horizontal peeler centrifuges provide the best in class solution.

The unbeaten high g-forces in combination with the wide choice of filter media generates in first step the maximum possible dewatering.

In the second step a displacement fluid (typically with higher density compared to mother liquid) is fed to the machine from backflushing feeding. Since at the same time the filtrate skimmer is in home position the cake will be cross flow flooded with the higher density displacement liquid by a freely adjustable flowrate and contact time, while keeping the g-force at a useful level.

The lower density solvent / mother liquid will swim on the displacement liquids and can be skimmed off by the overflow skimming device while heavy displacement liquids can be feed continuously via backflushing pipe. As long as the two liquids are not significantly mixable the high g-force allows a sharp phase-border and thus a very efficient solvent displacement.

Since all those steps are set once and controlled automatically from PLC the system can be freely optimized for each individual solvent-liquids-system.

Learn more about the advantages of various process-steps inside Krettek Separation backflushing centrifuge on our Step 6: Example application Lithium on June 11th 2021.

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