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High demand for high-speed and high-end solutions in centrifuge design at ACHEMA 2022

20. September 2022

ACHEMA 2022 was a great success for Krettek Separation GmbH. What already became increasingly evident last year: operators are looking for user-specific solutions in the high-end range. Here, it almost tends in the direction of the “jack of all trades device”.

Highly efficient centrifuge systems are expected, which at the same time should offer impressive process flexibility. The centrifuge designs we have developed, especially in the horizontal peeler centrifuge sector, combine all of this. In addition to the high g-force factors, in combination with the backflush rotor offers maximum user-specific benefits.

Thus, several process steps such as separation, washing in the wet, dissolving, re-mashing or maximum dewatering can be carried out in one process room.

Krettek also has impressive features to offer in the vertical centrifuges, such as for classifying applications in the micro and nano range, as well as the UNI-LAB, which has attracted great interest as a universal centrifuge for filtering, classifying, separating, multi-phase separation, etc.

The PHARMA-CUT®, designed and manufactured on the basis of GMP requirements, is also to be found in these product families. Therefore, it is not surprising that many interested trade fair visitors and not more than a few with very clear questions or requirement profiles sought the exchange with the Krettek team.

We would like to thank all of you, whether near or far, who took the effort in this difficult time to talk business with us. It was a great pleasure for us to welcome you. We thank you for the time spent and are looking forward to see you again soon.