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Health Day 2024 – Insights into the daily routine of a professional athlete

24. May 2024


On May 8, 2024, the employees of Krettek Separation GmbH had the opportunity to get to know the daily routine of our brand ambassador, Max Nagl.

He promptly gave the staff a brief summary not only of his sporting CV, but also of his everyday life. Max trains several times a day to stay fit. He varies between cardio, strength and agility training, usually twice a day!

However, the day also served as a reminder that exercise and a balanced diet are an important part of a healthy life. Not just for athletes, who usually spend the whole day trying to stay fit. However, these things are often neglected in our everyday office life.

For this reason, Max Nagl was joined by Ms. Lenny Karsmakers and Mr. Stephan Nüsser. With their Vivere 180 program, the two coach not only competitive athletes but also private individuals and companies. The program helps people to switch to a low-carbohydrate diet without necessarily having to give up certain foods.

The advantage: more energy throughout the day, prevention of inflammation and the now unfortunately very common type 2 diabetes.

Mr. Nüsser was able to explain these insights in a very understandable way, even for the general audience, using clear presentations.

The presentation was promptly followed by the physical part of our health day: In a 45-minute Pilates session, the participants were encouraged to use their whole body. Particular attention had to be paid to breathing, which was not performed in the usual way through the abdomen, but through the ribs and lungs. The participants particularly liked the fact that the exercises can easily be done at home.

All you need is a suitable surface and a little space. However, the effect was clearly noticeable over the next two days.

Last but not least, once the mind and body had been challenged, the nutritional knowledge imparted by Ms. Karsmakers was put into practice in the form of great dishes. In addition to a pumpkin cream soup with an oriental touch, there was all kinds of finger food with a clear protein surplus and a clear carbohydrate deficit.

We would like to thank everyone involved for the successful day and hope that some of the ideas have already found their way into everyday life and noticeable results have been achieved.