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Green Competence – The energetically sophisticated centrifuge design

5. June 2024

Experience “The Cycle of Green Competence” at Achema 2024.

The declared goal: resource saving and management, material traceability, reduction of the CO2 footprint with simultaneous relief for people and nature while taking economic aspects into account.

This well-thought-out design by Krettek enables operators to meet the ever-increasing demands on the circular economy and minimize CO2 emissions in a comprehensible way – not only in the present, but also for generations to come.

The advantages are impressively distinctive:

  • An unbeatable CO2 balance. Exemplary:
    • Elimination of a vibration table
    • Significantly lower consumption of space and volume (building construction)
  • Lower energy consumption thanks to extremely slim rotor design (reduced specific mass moments of inertia)
  • Significantly better residual moisture due to very high g-force factors and therefore enormous savings in thermal post-drying
  • The work-life balance of the Ecofuge® series is more than impressive
  • Traceability of the materials used in the recycling loop (circular economy)

The booth crew is looking forward to a technical and sustainable exchange in hall 6.0 booth C40.