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For the manual closure of openings in tanks, agitators or also centrifuges, a number of different designs and versions are known.

A negative commonality is that these are normally equipped with threads for their adjustability and a simple cleanability is not given.

The cover locker K-lock can be named as a true novelty.

In the truest sense of the word, it is a connector for safe closure of openings and this in hygienic design.

It is made of solid stainless steel and comes completely without setting resp. fastening thread.

The necessary clamping force of the closure system, which works according to the toggle lever principle, is guaranteed by means of a covered grouped eccentric, which is easy to clean.

The K-lock – nearly a hand charmer – can be “grabbed” at our booth.

We, the Krettek-crew at the fair, are looking forward to your visit.